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Who am I ? 

Yoga teacher and Yoga Health Coach 

Hi ! Thanks for checking out my page. I am a yoga teacher, lifestyle coach, and first and foremost a curious disciple of health and wellness and of the wisdom of ancient and modern health systems.

I am deeply passionate about the idea of bridging the gap between our understanding of the workings of modern science and the ancient techniques and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Since 2003 I have been sharing with my students my passion for movement, for the breath and for the energy which circulates in the body. I am convinced that everyone can feel good about their body and move with pleasure. With humility, I emphasize the importance of being present in your body and mind while on your yoga mat, as well as off the mat. I share with you my respect for the individual and one's unique path in yoga and in life. I listen and respond compassionately to others. It is my greatest strength.


A healthy mind
in a healthy body

Yoga - Ayurveda - Evolution of habits
Rencontrer Kate

Yoga Health Coaching 

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NEW this fall !

  I am delighted to offer you personal health and yoga coaching , while participating in a dynamic group to improve your daily habits in order to achieve your personal health and life goals.  

BODY THRIVE this fall season  :

In 2022, I created a french wellness club, Esprit d'Évolution, and we are going strong and growing each season. Now, I'm thrilled to offer you an 11-week introductory program, of the same spirit, but in ENGLISH !

 I create a space where you can evolve your identity to align with your wellness goals. I will guide you through movement, breathing and evolving your wellness habits.

  • Un club pour aligner, intégrer et réaliser tous vos rêves. 

  • Ensemble, on est plus fort. 

  • Ensemble, il est plus facile de se concentrer, de creuser en profondeur, de fixer des objectifs atteignables, mais plus élevés et plus vrais pour votre avenir, et ensemble, il est plus facile de maintenir le cap. 

Citrus Fruits
Raw Vegetables

upcoming events 

💪 Your health = the health of your intestinal microbiome

Free workshop  : Thursday August 17, 2023. 8pm


Sign up to receive a free yoga class designed for digestive health !

Thank you for your sharing 


“Kate is a talented yoga teacher.

I can, thanks to her pedagogy, her listening, her benevolence and her precise knowledge, develop my personal practice of the yoga style which suits me.

She offers yoga classes accessible and adaptable according to our feelings, our personality, our motivations.

Kate makes me love yoga and her classes allow me to refocus and recharge to be at my best during my Thai massages.

Thanks-Thanks Kate !! "

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New Growth

What is your next health goal ? 
 I can help you Thrive in your body and mind. 


Your health transformation starts here

thank you 

Contact Info


+33 778245965

Le Fey Dessous 73260 Les Avanchers - Valmorel 

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