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A year-long wellness journey like never before..

Welcome to my coaching page. I am thrilled to offer a quite innovative format for your next wellness transformation. This wellness program that includes 12 months of primarily online participation (depending on where you live), independent study, habit and identity evolution, yoga classes, workshops, and trainings, and individual coaching on your health goals.  It is truly a holistic approach to improving overall health and happiness. My first pilot group kicked off in January 2022 and we are already evolving as a supportive and dynamic group. New committed members can join us on our journey at different times throughout the year. Why not have a conversation with me to see if this could be just what you need to finally achieve your body and health goals? Next chance to hop on the transformation bus is April 2022. 

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A course in habit and identity evolution. 

10 habits drawn from the wisdom of yoga. 

Are you on a path to thrive in your life right now? Have you ever tried to change direction and have gotten stuck? Changing your habits involves changing your identity. And, our habits are largely the habits of the people around us. So, being part of a community whose collective vision is to live a more easeful life is an essential piece in gaining traction and heading in the right direction. Being a part of a dynamic group will help you make the unique changes you need......for good. 

A Yoga and  Ayurveda course

Deep wisdom from another time.

Tap into the wisdom of these ancient healing modalities. Begin, or deepen, your yoga practice. Make new connections between the spiritual practice of yoga and the physical health practices of Ayurveda to achieve an improved and fully  integrated overall state of being. 


Personal Coaching 

​Get the support and attention you need to move forward.

It just might be time to finally prioritize your health and personal growth path. Through targeted 'laser-coaching' every month, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and thrive.  We can use yoga, breathing, daily habit evolution, time management, stress reduction, diet and more..... but, the focus is up to you. I am here to help you become your own best source of healing. 

Dynamic group

Evolving and thriving Kula

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "community", "clan" or "tribe". It is the sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated by yogis who come together to practice. Dynamic groups gain strength when every member is fully engaged. Dynamic groups inspire you to take risks and try new ways of being, allowing you to evolve into your new identity.


Schedule your free conversation

We can talk about your situation and your goals and see if my program is a good fit. No obligations, just a fresh look at your goals. 

Thank you !

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