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Yoga Accessories
Your sadhana, your space, at your pace

Like many yoga teachers, with the arrival of COVID, I ventured into the world of online yoga. To my surprise, it remains very rewarding for me to guide you in a yoga practice despite a virtual connection only. I like that my students can participate in a live class and be in community, but also enjoy a replay of a class at their convenience, from the comfort of their own home. My deepest intention as a yoga teacher has always been, and will remain, to share my passion for developing a home practice.


During my first winter in France in 2005, when I was recently married to my Frenchman and had very little command of the French language, I admit to having "hidden" most of the time. I spent hours on my yoga mat, alone with my thoughts, my emotions and my movements........ as well as on my telemark skis, going up and down the mountains. I appreciated these moments of solitude on my mat and on the mountain. I deeply want to inspire my students to fall in love with yoga and begin to aspire to spend, however briefly, time on their mats every day.  

Stay tuned for classes in English

Ancient wisdom and modern science. Webinars in English to come.

I am also committed to sharing what I can with all to help bridge the gap between our understanding of the ancient techniques of yogis and the modern mechanisms of science. Here are some covers of my free webinars. 

Choucroute et sprouts détox .jpg

Conference on Ayurvedic detox: why and how to prepare. 

conférence de novembre 2021.png

2 recordings: an energizing yoga session and then the conference on the Paths of Pain. 

Soiree offert 💫 Le solstice d hiver (1).png

2 recordings: yoga session and reflection exercise for a new beginning. 

Let me know what your interests are and we will set up a workshop just for you! Here are some ideas. Recordings available in French. 

Access workshop recordings

  • The Breath and the Bandhas. 3h15 of teaching.  

  • Yoga and Pranayama. 3h15 of teaching.  

  • Your Winter Rituals. 2h15 of teaching.

  • Inversions. Discovery Bowspring. 5 hours of teaching. 

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