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A bit of Kate's history

Kate, American by origin, has been practicing yoga since 1999. She did her first training in 2003 in Denver, Colorado,  with a 200 hour Hatha yoga training. Passionate about the healing potential of yoga, Kate continued her studies with Mukunda Styles in Structural Yoga Therapy (SYT), a 500 hour course. Structural yoga therapy is the development of an individual practice of asanas and pranayama for each student who seeks to use yoga to reduce pain and start to heal. SYT is based on love and respect, focused on breathing, alignment, and adapting to the individual.


Based in France since 2010, Kate develops yoga classes and workshops in the Belleville Valley, Valmorel and the surrounding area. This adventure in a new country has well informed and transformed her yoga teaching in French as well as English. She says the experience compels her to take a closer look at the yoga tradition with all the life lessons to convey the essence of the teachings well. This experience also allowed him to develop his ability to listen deeply to people.  

Kate teaches yoga poses sometimes statically and sometimes in vinyasa form so she can  incorporate the breath in movement to work the body differently in terms of the action of the energies. Her mission is to create a quiet space for her students so that they can cultivate liberation, balance, and self-confidence.  

Kate returns to Colorado with her 3 boys and her husband every two years for stays of 5 months. She appreciates this way of life which allows her children to live in another culture and see her native country. Now, with a few online classes and programs, she can continue her yoga classes in French all year round.  


Since 2018 Kate has been training in a new form of yoga, Bowspring. The Bowspring is part of a new alignment paradigm that can inform all of our daily movements. The practice is based on the natural curves of the body to gain lightness, agility, and above all to reduce body pain. The practice includes new positions while keeping the classic yoga techniques of breathing, concentration, and relaxation.  

In 2021 Kate embarked on Yoga Health Coaching with training from Cate Stillman. This training allows her to better incorporate Ayurveda, behavioral science and the evolution of habits to help people move forward on their path to well-being.

"When we integrate the perspectives and practices of yoga and Ayurveda with current scientific research, a new understanding of our human physiology and psychology emerges. I was blown away by the realization of what was missing in my own practice and my vision of health and wellness. I am extremely committed to helping others see how to begin to connect the dots and move towards a sense of health integration."  - Kate Dupays

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